Great Expectations

Sometimes I think it is easy to expect too much of ourselves, other people, life itself… and perhaps even God. Expectations, in short, are demands. They are the transformations of what we hope for into something that we want. That want becomes need. The things we once hoped for become things that we “need”. We start to think that “need” must be fulfilled in a specific way—a specific way that we come to expect. If the fulfillment does not come via the expected method, then there is no satisfaction but disappointment. This disappointment often turns into a dark spiral of resentment and bitterness. Such a spiral squelches hope.

So, what exactly is the difference between hope and expectation? Perhaps expectation is a sign of needing to be in control, whereas hope is open-ended? Hope is a request versus a demand. A person who is in hope is also in patience. This means that he or she is waiting for what he or she is hoping for to come organically in its truest, healthiest form. This patience is not passively waiting, but something active. It is using the time in between to prepare for that thing hoped for (in whatever form it is ultimately given).

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 Things to think about: Are there unmet expectations in your life that have turned into resentments? If so, what steps can be taken to walk in hope again?

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7 thoughts on “Great Expectations

  1. Good thinking going on here. Sure wish we were all around our kitchen table talking for hours. Expectations/needs unfulfilled bring resentment and anger toward others and toward God. Then the flow of true relationship is broken. Forgiving our trespassers or our debtors (as the song goes) is about forgiving unmet expectations- some even what we could validly prove to be valid expectations. There’s something about giving people (and God) the ‘freedom to be’ that frees our own hearts. On a seperate thought, I don’t think it’s possible to experience ‘soul peace’ unless we really truly believe that our lives are in his hands and he’s working it all together for good to those that love Him. ❤️

    1. I wish we could sit around and talk too. One of these days hopefully 🙂
      It’s really true (I’m learning) what you say about Soul Peace, it requires that absolute trust in God’s heart for us and in God’s sovereignty. It’s so simple, but so difficult at the same time!

  2. Becca, This blog is so insightful and, frankly, unexpected, from someone so young. But you are an “old soul”. Keep them coming, Sweetheart. You have much to share with the world 💜

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